Idea Fruit

Ideafruit is a fruit distributor and exporter that reshapes the landscape of the entire fruit distribution industry. The nature of Ideafruit is to be innovative, different and fresh. Creative Caterpillar acts as brand counsellor to Ideafruit, offering turnkey communication solutions to facilitate a growing business footprint across the globe.



Brand Name / Corporate Identity Development / Slogan Generation / Branding / Communications / Interior Design / Photography / Packaging Design / Illustrations / Brand Manual


Creative Caterpillar captured our “we do things differently” company culture flawlessly, and brought it to life through brand development. From name to logo to website and everything in-between, it truly encapsulates our company culture. Not stopping there, they pulled the brand through to our office interior design and we are regularly complimented by clients and visitors about our funky space.

– Oliver Wood, Managing Director