Strato specialises in the implementation and development of business solutions. We provided them with a fresh brand name and corporate identity as part of their future communication strategy. Creative Caterpillar currently manages the Strato brand by conceptualising creative solutions to their growing business.



Brand Name Generation / Icon Development / Communications / Corporate Stationery / Infographic and Icon Design / Slogan Generation / Trademark Registration / Brochure Design / Brand Maintenance


Our business embarked on a journey to rebrand and re-invent ourselves and we were very fortunate to meet up with Creative Caterpillar. Their ideas were fresh and stimulating and the eventual choice of our new name ‘STRATO’ was made easy given the Creative Caterpillar team’s rationale and motivation. STRATO has been walking a journey with Creative Caterpillar since then and their work has always been of the highest professional quality. I can recommend Albert and his team to any organization wanting to revisit their name and/or brand communication strategy.

– Cassie Lessing, Managing Director