4 Reasons Building Signage Works

Mandy Thomas

Thursday, September 1, 2022

5 minutes

Building signage helps put you on the radar of all who read it. Robust and compelling, well-designed signage can potentially convert passers-by into paying customers on your behalf. Exterior signage is a must, from basic contact information to special offers and directional signage. And there is more than one reason why.

• Attention

• Affordability

• Longevity

• Brand presence

1. Grabs your attention

This signage serves as a kind of silent salesperson for your company. It is the best way to create a lasting image about who you are as a business, your values and what services you offer. Signage is a hugely important method of reinforcing street presence for a company in an increasingly overcrowded market.

Exterior signage will draw attention to your place of business and help differentiate it from the competition. It enables existing customers to recognise your brand and new customers to have an interest in the brand. When choosing between two firms, a customer or client will likely determine the one with the better looking signage. 76% of customers mentioned that they have visited and told other people about a business based on the signage. Another 67% of consumers said they had used a business because the external signage "caught their eye". The exterior signage helps customers identify your company creating brand association; it is also an easy way to communicate needed information to your clients in an efficient manner. Sharing the essential information with simple graphics that enhance the message of your business will help build your signage. Interior signage helps customers locate your product or service while adding to the brand experience's quality and allows you to do in-house advertising. The primary purpose of building signage is to communicate relevant information and persuade viewers to engage or take action. ⁽¹⁾ It's also a good idea to keep the message short and single-minded. The clearer the message, the easier your audience can relate and engage. Have it done professionally; it can help you stand out from a mile away.

Country Store, which has building signage in Mooreesburg, Napier, Rivierssonderend and Velddrif, is affiliated with Moov Fuel. The store is a convenience store located at fuel stations that required rebranding. The rebranding included the slogan, 'Smul Lekker Local,' which translates to feasting on excellent local food.

Building Signage client Smul Lekker Local front store window signage
Figure 1: Country Store and Smul Lekker Local signage

Building Signage client Smul Lekker Local window signage
Figure 2: Smul Lekker Local window signage

2. It’s affordable

Instead of overspending on traditional marketing methods such as billboards or bus ads, building signage is a better option. By having attractive signage, it will market itself to you. Your signage can elicit feelings in people when keeping colour theory in mind. Many small businesses consider exterior signage a key component of their marketing strategy. However, exterior signage isn't only for branding. It is also used for directional purposes, alert staff to hazardous or off-limit areas, communicate important instructions or reinforce safety messages. Thanks to their durable and lightweight construction, PVC signage is one of the most versatile and affordable exterior signage available in this form. In addition, suppliers have numerous textiles, materials and effects to enhance the durability of your signage. ⁽²⁾ Choose well, dramatically reducing your impressions' costs.

Onelogix, which can be found on one of the previous blogs, ‘Marketing On the Go: The Value of Branding your Vehicle,’ with the old logo that included the group in the logo, below you will find the new logo without the group. The rebranded company with many subdivisions were to exclude the African content supporting graphics in its logo. After rebranding the Onelogix Group logo, the company updated their building signage seen in figure 4.

Building Signage client Onelogix Group corporate identity logo
Figure 3: Onelogix corporate identity

Building Signage client Onelogix exterior signage Umlaas road
Figure 4: Onelogix external signage

3. Adds longevity

Quality, durable building signage should last you a good long while. Signage is unlike a print or radio ad that is flighted for a period and discontinued. The exterior signage is actively working and continuous advertising that works 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Every day it is up on your wall. It is working. Nearly 60% of businesses said that once they changed their signage or improved its visibility on their building, their sales, interactions and profit increased by an average of 10%. In addition, the investment is more than justifiable as the amount spent is spread evenly over a long period. Aluminium is the most commonly used for signage. The longevity in your signage is a return on investment as it drives marketing without spending money all the time. ⁽⁵⁾

As per the previous blog, ‘Business Card Design: The 4 Key Reasons You Need One,’ BF Petroleum is discussed as a leading petroleum wholesaler and fuel solution supplier. Their new building signage, developed in 2018, continues to be an advert that works. In figure 6, the signage is an example of what the signage could look like when used at a petrol station. BF Petroleum’s exterior signage can be seen in figure 7.

Building Signage client BF Petroleum Group corporate identity logo
Figure 5: BF Petroleum Group corporate identity

Building Signage client BF Petroleum Group corporate identity logo
Figure 6: BF Petroleum Group forecourt signage

Building Signage client BF Petroleum building signage
Figure 7: BF Petroleum Group exterior signage

4. Brand presence

Building signage increases brand awareness by informing people of your presence and drawing them in to learn more about your product or service. It makes for a great first impression. That's why it is essential to make it attractive. Part of the signage has a recognisable logo that can be used across many platforms. ⁽⁵⁾ Here's an example of the signage we designed for Dü Paint + Tool, a company in the southern hemisphere of Africa that provides paint and tool products to the public. Dü Paint + Tool used their signage in various places in South Africa, such as Centurion, as seen below in figure 9, Hoedspruit, Nelspruit, Thohoyandou and Tzaneen. Their building signage logo is paired with other design elements, including the icons, slogan and partner's logos.

Building Signage client Dü Paint & Tool corporate identity logo
Figure 8: Dü Paint + Tool corporate identity

Building Signage client Dü Paint & Tool Centurion store
Figure 9: Dü Paint + Tool building signage in Centurion store

There are various types of material one can use for signage, and here are the different material types you can use:

•  ACM Boards, AluPanel, Diabond

• Acrylic Signs

• Fascia Signs

• Faux Neon Signs

• Flex Face Signs

• Fret Cut Lettering

• Illuminated Signs

• Monolith / Totem Signs

• Steel Erect Signage

• Wall Graphics

• Window Manifestations

• 3D Built up Letters ⁽³⁾

The signage must fit well with the building, the surroundings and the environment, which should be planned before installation. If signage is poorly designed or made, it could devalue your business. ⁽⁴⁾

Wolken is a fashion and apparel retail store located in Tzaneen. The name was inspired by the Wolkberg mountain range situated in Limpopo and the German ancestry background of the managing director. Wolken's previous name was Lombard Clothing, the then owner's surname. The logo, which is seen on the building in figure 10, is a symbol of rain and details of stitching which is an essential part of every garment.

Building Signage client Wolken signage
Figure 10: Wolken fashion and Apparel building signage

Building signage, although important, remains a science and an art. To have it developed professionally, please visit Creative Caterpillar for work samples and a business overview on building signage. They would be able to provide in-house digital mock-ups, recommendations and an outsourced quote for installation and materials.


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