Creative Caterpillar client Mmakgoge Group slogan Future Strong.

The Mmakgoge Group has been known for excellence and quality service within the industrial maintenance space for over 15 years.

Creative Caterpillar was approached to reimagine the brand's identity, aligning it more to the future, embedded with the necessary qualities.

Reimagine a 15-year-old engineering company by transforming it into a future-forward brand that is ready to take on any challenge.


Mmakgoge Group

2011 – present




What we did

The challenge

Creative Caterpillar service Corporate IdentityCreative Caterpillar service Brand Manuel

This is represented in the bold colour and font as well as the stretching of elements to convey adaptability and forward thinking.

From industrial maintenance checks to infrastructure design, construction and custom solutions, Mmakgoge’s vision is to build your business towards the future you want.

For this reason, we focused our design approach and brand narrative on lasting strength and stability.

Embrace the robust qualities of the industry and infuse them into the brand.

The solution

Creative Caterpillar client Mmakgoge Group Corporate Profile.Creative Caterpillar client Mmakgoge Group business card.Creative Caterpillar client Mmakgoge Group structural scaffolding.Creative Caterpillar client Mmakgoge Group  hard hat logo application.
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