Creative Caterpillar client MOOV brand image slogan - like never before.MOOV Slogan

Unlike a rebrand, where a name and positioning strategy is already in place, the MOOV Fuel project called for our full-service offering.

Our challenge was to reimagine the brand image entirely, starting with a name that would inspire clients for years to come.

How do you transform a traditional SA fuel-delivery business into a world-class brand that is known for innovation.



2010 – present




What we did

The challenge

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The symbolic logo was inspired by the helix found in petrochemical compounds, and represents both an ‘M’ and perpetual motion.

To further the revolutionary approach to the brand the slogan ‘Like never before’ was developed.

After generating over 100 brand names, the selection was made and MOOV Fuel was born. The name was selected based on its simplicity, impactfulness, campaignability and relevance to the industry.

Create something revolutionary, unexpected, and bold.

The solution

Creative Caterpillar client MOOV logo. Creative Caterpillar client MOOV 60 year logoCreative Caterpillar client MOOV letterhead logo application.Creative Caterpillar client MOOV business cards.

“Creative Caterpillar is reliable, knowledgeable, concerned about quality, and willing to go the extra mile. They understand the real issues concerning the development of a high impact brand.”


Creative Caterpillar client MOOV brand manual.Creative Caterpillar client MOOV brand images - engine oil and lubricant.

Branded Presentation

To help MOOV Fuel bring their brand to life in client presentations, we developed clean, modern 3D graphics in the brand’s colour palette to emphasises 'energy in motion'.

Creative Caterpillar client MOOV brand images - action the impossible - cogs.MOOV Logo IconMOOV SloganCreative Caterpillar Client moov Logo

Action the

MOOV Services Icons
Creative Caterpillar client MOOV brand images - Energy inspires everything - wind turbine.


MOOV Logo IconMOOV SloganMOOV Services IconsCreative Caterpillar Client moov Logo
Creative Caterpillar client MOOV brand images - Where we go, energy goes - engine.

Where we go,
energy goes

Creative Caterpillar Client moov LogoMOOV Logo IconMOOV SloganMOOV Services Icons

Social media campaign resulting in 460% sales growth over a 6 month period

During the COVID-19 pandemic, MOOV Fuel seized the opportunity to market their own range of sanitisers. The campaign we designed incorporated animation to attract attention and was implemented in their newsletter and across multiple social media platforms.

Creative Caterpillar client MOOV hand and surface sanitiser campaign - SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE.Creative Caterpillar client MOOV brand images hand and surface sanitiser campaign mobile application - helix GIF.

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