Creative Design Company Guide: 6 Key Steps to Brand Building

Nonkosi Matrose

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

12 mins

Creative design opens up valuable opportunities for businesses. Making it important to understand the significant value and benefits good design can have on your business performance.

To compete in this global market,  you need to acknowledge the impact of design and how it plays a critical role in your target market’s buying behaviour. As a creative design company, we are strong believers in great design work. We address how creative design can be achieved in the workplace, and why it is of importance.

We elaborate on the following:

  • The importance of creative design in business
  • 6 Key benefits of creative design
  • Ways you can incorporate creative design in your business
  • Values a creative design company can add to your business

The importance of creative design in business

“Visuals are often the most striking way to leave a lasting impression in the viewer’s mind simply because they are so immediate” (Eilis Cope, 2018). According to Google’s research, it takes people between 17 – 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about a website (Google, 2012). Now imagine how quickly viewers can form an opinion about your logo, products, your branded vehicles, and even customer service. Yes, it’s that quick! That is why your creative designs must be eye-catching and engaging enough to get the brand message across effectively.

Another important factor about design is that businesses can gain value from the new product or service ideas generated through its process. “Design can help you turn these ideas into innovative and competitive products and services that are suitable for your market” (Info Entrepreneurs). It can also allow you to manage and measure its success to strengthen your brand strategy and market approach.

Research states that “design-conscious companies like Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM, Disney, Herman Miller, and Nike saw 219% greater returns than non-design-conscious companies” (Forbes, 2017). Seeing that people process visuals faster than they do text, it is important to acknowledge the significant value visuals have on a business’s performance, as well as during the customer’s journey.

Communication is key and your target market needs to understand who you are and what you can offer across every touchpoint. Therefore, design is an important communication tool to make a lasting impression during the customer’s experience.“Organisations that can’t achieve this fail to generate leads” (Eilis Cope, 2018).

6 Key benefits of creative design

With the understanding that good design is valuable for any business, here are the 6 key benefits you can expect to gain:

1. Increase sales of your products and/or services

When it comes to developing your brand strategy, it is important to focus on design to create a rewarding user experience for your clients and customers. According to research statistics, “53% of website users” choose not to buy from a website due to poor navigation and the overall aesthetic of the website (Josh Coffy, 2016). This is a sign that design can influence your customers’ purchasing decisions. Therefore, by investing in design, you can keep your current customers and attract new customers, resulting in increased sales and business growth.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”


2. Improve market position relative to your competitors

Good design can help you differentiate your products and/or services from other competitors. It allows you to showcase your expertise, craft your brand message, and offer products and/or services uniquely and memorably. If you have a strong and compelling brand identity, as well as can satisfy the needs and requirements of your target audience better than that of competitors, you will be positioned favourably in the market.

Lokkit Locksmith and Security is a locksmith company that supplies various items and services in the security sector from car locks to number plates.  The company rebranded from Tzeenen Locksmith to a fresh and more distinctive brand identity with a rename, Lokkit Locksmith and Security. A visit to their social media shows the dramatic change in the market, this is a result of our development of an optimised social media strategy- taking their digital presence to a whole new level.

Creative Design Company - client Lokkit Locksmith and Security logo
Figure 1: After refreshing the Lokkit Locksmith and Security brand, it has positioned them favourably in the market.

3. Greater customer loyalty

When designing your products or service offering, you need to take into consideration your user’s perspective. How will they interact with your brand? What can you offer them and will it solve their pain points?

When client and customer needs are met, there is a high chance they will return and use your products and/or services again - becoming brand loyal. Customer satisfaction pays off because, “your loyal customers are the ones who are going to buy your products even if they aren’t on sale” (Mark Lister, 2018). According to the research conducted by BIA Kelsey, it indicates that “repeat customers spend 67% more than new ones” (Access, 2018). These are your group of customers who are more excited to try your new products and/or service offerings, as well as are more willing to pay more for them.

4. Create a stronger identity for your business

Having obtained insight into the needs, requirements, and preferences of your target audience, you can choose the right design elements that will appeal to them. With this information, you can create a strong distinctive brand identity and message that will leave a lasting impression on your target market’s mind.

Nelson Mandela University changed its brand image to reflect a dynamic, modern, and prestigious institution. The vision for this new brand identity was to capture the essence of what Nelson Mandela stood for, and the aspiring students and staff members that form part of this African institution. The font type chosen was selected because of its simplicity and legibility across all platforms.

The brand colours chosen symbolise the university and what they stand for. The primary colour, blue, represents maritime, wisdom, and stability, while the secondary colour, yellow, represents freshness, positivity, intellect, and loyalty.

The replacement of the letters in the name evokes a sense of innovation and symbolises diversity. The slogan, Change the World, embodies what Nelson Mandela achieved in his lifetime, and also acts as a daily reminder that we can achieve great change. In its entirety, the modern brand identity is now globally recognised and has differentiated itself from other institutions across the globe.

Creative Design Company - client Nelson Mandela University stacked logo
Figure 2: The combined design elements for Nelson Mandela University make it a recognisable brand.

5. The ability to access new markets, and add value to your products or services

“Customers are willing to pay more for well-designed products that can offer valuable benefits” (Info Entrepreneur).

“80% of consumers indicated they are more likely to do business
with a company, if it offers personalised experiences”

— ACCESS, 2018

During the design process, we put identify the needs and wants of your customers and develop a user experience that is rewarding for them. Another advantage of using design methods and techniques is that you can identify markets that have not yet been met, and tailor products and/or services that will meet those needs – filling a gap in the market.

6. Reduced time to market for new products and services

From good design, you can establish and position yourself distinctively in the customer’s mind. And with every new product or service launched, time to market them can be reduced because your brand already has a strong and distinguishable presence in the market.

Design can also improve the way your business operates, as well as increase the value of your products and services to customers. “Design covers much more than just the outward appearance of products or the graphic elements of things such as your website, packaging, and marketing materials. It plays a part in nearly every aspect of what most businesses do” (Info Entrepreneur).

Ways you can incorporate creative design in your business

Every aspect of your business is important and by incorporating design from the beginning, you can achieve cost efficiency, drive innovation and increase growth.

  • The role of design in business can be valuable when the following techniques are incorporated into the business practice: Think from the user’s perspective: Put yourself in their position! The design is a valuable source of differentiation and it can give customers the reason to purchase from you instead of other competitors. Creating a buyer's persona can help businesses understand their buyer’s needs, requirements, and preferences. Through this information, you can tailor new products and/or services that meet those needs.
  • Create a culture of sharing and collaboration: By encouraging and talking to employees, you are allowing them to think outside-the-box and generate problem-solving ideas.
  • Experiment with new workplace practices: To avoid creative block among your employees, working in a new location can help “inspire your team to brainstorm new ideas from a fresh perspective” (Inc.)
  • Creativity as a culture: Embedding creativity within the brand practice can benefit the business. “Companies that foster creativity enjoy 1.5x greater market share” (Tony Harmer, 2015). Design helps businesses gain a better understanding of the various ways they can reach and engage with their customers, and with that comes consumer preference and increased market share. 
“Creativity is the root of entrepreneurship”


Values a creative design company can add to your business

Most businesses do not grasp the concept of good branding. Therefore, there is a  creative design company that is an expert in the field of branding.
These are the following 5 values a creative design company can add to your business:

1. Bring new ideas and originality

Working alongside a creative design company is an excellent way to bring some fresh ideas and insight into your company, as well as create designs that are appropriate, distinctive, and adaptable.

Creative Design Company - thinking differently
Figure 3: By thinking differently, you can create original and distinctive designs.

2. View from another perspective

A creative design company can provide fresh insight into your brand because of the experience they have gained working for companies in similar industries. They have a firm grasp of knowledge and understanding of what needs to be done and can provide recommendations that can improve and build your brand.

3. The expertise to research and analyse your current market

With access to a sea of information, a creative design company has the knowledge to extract the relevant data and insight into your target audience. This type of information will assist them in creating designs that are innovative and relative to the current market. “Great design begins with an understanding of who it’s for. Understanding your customers is a crucial factor in being able to choose the right design elements” (Joanne Amos; 2017).

Creative Design Company - target market
Figure 4: Identify whom you are trying to reach to select the right design elements.

4. Experience and skillset

A creative design company is a group of experts who specialise in key areas such as copywriting, brand strategy development, SEO content development, and website design just to name a few. With a design company, you have access to designers who have the skills and knowledge to build your brand and ensure it effectively and efficiently reaches your target goals and markets.

5. Speed (on some occasions)

Certain projects require time to execute. However, a creative design company can complete projects at a much quicker rate than if it were done internally in your business. The day-to-day operations are different between yours and a creative design company. Therefore, by sourcing services to an agency that focuses on design, the projects can be accomplished quicker.

It is important to look at all aspects of your business and consider what role design plays. You may find certain areas can be improved. You will also discover opportunities where you can use design to add value to your products or services for your customers.

Creative Caterpillar is a design and brand agency that specialise in building brands. With over 21 years of international and national experience, we have the capabilities to develop brand strategies and create designs that meet and exceed your expectations.

Does your business require a creative design company? Contact us for a free consultation, and we can help you take your brand to the next level.


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