Reasons Why Your Business Requires a Company Slogan

Mandy Thomas

Thursday, December 15, 2022

5 mins

A company slogan is a powerful marketing strategy tool that is a short, memorable phrase used for marketing material for print, such as business cards, digital material, such as websites and physical material, such as advertisements, banners and billboards.

What is a company slogan?

A company slogan is a powerful marketing strategy tool that is a short, memorable phrase used for marketing material for print, such as business cards, digital material, such as websites and physical material, such as advertisements, banners and billboards. A slogan is also known as a tagline. However, a tagline is used for the public and does not describe the company's actions. Company slogans are used to draw attention to a brand's product or service and drive the understanding of the brand. ⁽¹⁾

Mmakgoge Group is an industrial maintenance company based in the Gauteng region that has been around for 15 years. The initial brand was built around lasting quality. Mmakgoge is a 100% level 1 BBBEE company. Their services are the following but not limited to Industrial cleaning, purification services, mechanical services and distribution 24 hours, seven days a week, providing the best services throughout South Africa and its neighbouring countries. This is where the first slogan, 'Service. Quality. Results" came to fruition seen in figure 1.

In 2020, the new slogan, 'Future Strong,' was presented to celebrate the 15-years-in-business achievement. The brand had a complete refresh to represent this celebration seen in figure 2, where the logo has had a brand refresh. It embodies the vision to build your business towards a sustainable future, to lead boldly, work bravely, collaborate effectively and seize life opportunities. However, the company had decided to stick to the current values the current and old company slogan embodied.

Company Slogan client Mmakgoge current logo
Figure 1: Mmakgoge current logo and slogan

Company Slogan client Mmakgoge logo variations
Figure 2: Mmakgoge logo variations

Company Slogan client Mmakgoge slogan Future Strong
Figure 3: Mmakgoge slogan, Future Strong

Company Slogan client Mmakgoge vehicle branding application
Figure 4: Mmakgoge vehicle branding

Company Slogan client Mmakgoge site signage application
Figure 5: Mmakgoge site signage

What should you consider when developing a company slogan?

The factors you should consider are the following:

  • Logo integration
  • Placement
  • Font
  • Unique positioning strategy

Logo integration is when the company slogan does not stand alone, it is accompanied by the slogan either below it, next to it or alongside the logo. The placement of the slogan is vital as this should allow the brand to be agile, and placement would vary depending on the brand. The brand's primary font is usually used for the logo and company slogan, which makes the brand consistent. The unique positioning strategy is usually used to describe the slogan and its meaning. It is essential to understand the strategy as this will determine the brand and how it will be carried further while building the brand. ⁽⁵⁾

These four factors allow your company slogan to stand out and become brand-integrated, making the slogan more understandable. However, a slogan should be able to stand alone without being placed with the logo.

Figure 6: Ditlou logo and icon

Company Slogan client Ditlou slogan option one Larger Than Life
Figure 7: Ditlou slogan option one, Larger Than Life

Company Slogan client Ditlou slogan option two African Legends
Figure 8: Ditlou slogan Option two, African Legends

Ditlou is a Sesotho word meaning elephants. Ditlou is a food supply and wholesaler company based in Polokwane. The logo is font-driven and icon-based with two meanings. The first is two hands representing partnership, family, provision and sharing. The second meaning is two forks meaning nourishment, health, vitality and strength, the same as an elephant coming from the meaning of the company name. The logo is bold and represents strength, stability and reliability. The client had two option company slogans to choose from. The client decided to go with both options, 'Larger than Life' and 'African Legends', where this was placed on various applications such as food products, golf shirts, aprons etc. In figure 9 and 10, different patterns were designed for the various food packaging. This application made the food packaging interesting, catching the consumer's eye and inspiring the consumer's cultural symbols.

The colour tangerine tango chosen for the brand represents the following:

  • It is bright and exciting and associated with physical energy and strength
  • It is playful, energetic, joyful and engaging
  • Red-orange symbolises health and vitality, optimism and upliftment

Company Slogan client Ditlou packaging patterns
Figure 9: Ditlou product patterns

Company Slogan client Ditlou maize meal packaging
Figure 10: Ditlou maize meal product packaging

Why is using a company slogan required for a business?

A good company slogan can increase your revenue by 30%.⁽¹⁾ This positive impact can drive consistent repeat to your business from customers that have and will still have experience with your brand. There is so much value in a slogan.

Four particular reasons why using a company slogan are required the following:

  • It helps you stand out from your competitors
  • Helps your client reach
  • Helps company growth
  • Helps gain company awareness

When considering a slogan for your company, it is important to trademark and register your slogan so that competitors do not have the chance to take advantage of it and make it their own. A slogan trademark provides exclusive rights to make money with your brand. ⁽⁴⁾

It is essential to know your client, where they are from, their age groups and what you want to offer them. Your target market is a crucial choice with the words you use when creating your company slogan.

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